Robert P. Moore

Game Developer - Animator - Storyboard Artist
San Francisco Peninnsula, CA


Experienced in Unity 3D, C#, Maya, Flash, Perforce, Git.
Strong leader and effective team collaborator with excellent communication and listening skills.
Experienced in both film and video game production, trained extensively in 3D and 2D art and animation pipelines.
International work experience – fluent in Japanese.


Sole Proprietor – Savepoint Games LLC – Redwood City, CA
[August 2014 - Present]

  • Create game engine for 2D, tile-based, turn-based strategy game. (C#/UNITY v.4.6 - v5.6)
  • Script complex computer AI decision trees for multiple unit classes for cohesive player vs CPU play.
  • Implement touchscreen-friendly UI/UX flow.
  • Art Direct and oversee contract work in varied fields of creative process.
  • Author game storyline and generate characters appropriate for and complimentary to game design.

UI Contractor – Storm8 – Redwood City, CA
[July 2016 - April 2017]

  • Create wireframes for UI flow, generate final UI assets, and implement them in Unity.
  • Implement UI from existing Xcode game in Unity engine (UNITY v5.3) for cross-platform export.
  • Collaborate with UI Engineers and Tech Artists to hookup UI to game scripts.

Storyboard Artist – Brickleberry – Bento Box Entertainment, N. Hollywood, CA
[May 2014 - October 2014]

  • Collaborate with show creators, directors, and other storyboard artists handling multiple creative decisions.
  • Create high quality, finished work at a break-neck pace to maintain the show’s very aggressive schedule.
  • Generate detailed storyboards directly from recording script.
  • Compose shots and sequences that follow the nuanced visual style of the series.

Lead Animator - Unannounced Game - Disney Interactive, Palo Alto, CA
[July 2013 - May 2014]

  • Create animation production pipeline for 2D (Flash) animation assets and define the project’s animation style.
  • Animate character, prop, and effects assets for top quality social and mobile games.
  • Manage a team of talented animators.
  • Collaborate closely with development team to integrate assets into a dynamically evolving game engine.

Animator - Heralds of Chaos and other projects - Gaia Interactive, San Jose, CA
[Dec 2011 - July 2013]

  • Created high quality 2D animation assets for social games and casual games.
  • Co-authored and documented new techniques for animated asset production pipeline.
  • Pitched and contributed new ideas for future games and products.

Animator - Kung Fu Panda World and other projects - Trilogy Studios, Van Nuys, CA
[June 2010 - Nov 2011]

  • Animated 2d and 3d assets for integration into proprietary video game engines.
  • Critiqued outsourced animations and assisted in the direction of outsourced talent.
  • Actively participated in developing new pipelines and resolving technical problems that arose in a small company (start-up) environment.

Story Layout Artist - Popzilla - Animax Entertainment, Van Nuys, CA
[Freelance - August 2009]

  • Pre-visualize/Design backgrounds for new locations.
  • Compose scenes - block-in characters and prop elements of each scene for clarity and readability.

Storyboard Revisionist - Sit Down, Shut Up - Rough Draft Studios Inc., Glendale, CA
[Sept 2008 - Mar 2009]

  • Resolve character model, continuity, perspective and composition issues in existing storyboards.
  • Complete final boards based on rough thumbnail sketches and notes.
  • Create new character acting poses and sequences in cases of script revisions.

Character Layout Artist - Futurama - Rough Draft Studios Inc., Glendale, CA
[Nov 2006 - Nov 2007]

  • Provide key-frame animation poses and technical breakdowns of 2D animated scenes.
  • Insure characters stay recognizably on model.
  • Interpret and clarify composition of storyboard images.


University of California, Los Angeles
[BS 2002 / MFA 2012]

  • MFA: Theater Film & Television - Animation
  • BS: Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering Concentrated Study